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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Syria Removes Last Troops fom Lebanon
This is very good news but raises some serious concerns:

1. Hizb'Allah is still armed and well in Lebanon and financed by Iran.

2. The fact that the article says that Europeans and Americans say that the withdrawal must be verified is probably code for the fact that Lebanon is still crawling with Syrian intelligence goons.

3. I'm not hearing anyone trumpeting the fact that this domino is another (albeit small) vindication of Bush's policies.

4. What horrible psychological problem makes me post on my vacation from my Treo?
Doctor Bean, I'm not so up on modern technological mysteries. Although you've used the term before, I was too shy to ask, but I've since overcome that shyness, so...what exactly is a TREO? Is it the equivalent of a Blackberry or a PalmPilot?

Hope you and the Beanies are enjoying Passover at your "undisclosed secure location"!
torontopearl: a Treo is a Palm handheld computer (like the Palm Pilot) with a built-in cell phone, camera, and web browser. You can also get your email on it, but I don't. A Blackberry does many of the same things.
In response to your last point - you KNOW you can't live without your blog. You KNOW it! It's an obsession, an obsession, I tell ya...
They didn't actually leave - they just marched in backwards while saying, "goodbye, see you later," etc.
You might just very well be correct in your assumption.
I know what the "undisclosed secure location" is SUPPOSED TO BE...but I didn't yet receive any kind of post card saying, "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here."
Maybe the Bean family has just gone underground for a week at their home address. With Matzah in your system, it's sometimes a good idea to stay close to home...
Irina: yup.

Ralphie: It reminds me of the scene in Monty Python's "Holy Grail". Lebanese: Where are you going? Syrians: We're coming with you.

torontopearl: Ralphie was talking about the Syrians not the Beans. We're having fun. Hope you are too.

Ralphie or Nomad: would someone please fix my spelling of "serious" in the post? It takes forever with my cell conection. Thanks.
If it's a horrible psychological problem, we're glad you've got it Bean. And thank you Torontopearl for asking what I wanted to ask too. Treo, what will they think of next?
Wickwire: Part of the illness involves craving compliments from strangers. Thank you. :-)
geez, bean, you're like my son. I lamented that he was going away to HS and he was finally leaving home. Two days later he showed up to do laundry.

How can I miss you if you won't leave!

Anyway, that settles it. Now I HAVE to get a Treo. What will I do on my trip to NY?
Psychotoddler: My wife always says that. ("How can I miss you...")

I have the Treo 600. The camera isn't great, but before I never had a camera with me; now I always do, and I use it quite a bit. You should be able to find it for less than $500. The 650, as far as I know, has bluetooth, so you can use a wireless headset, and a better camera.
PT: Oh, also, for some reason the Treo gets an error whenever I browse your blog. Sorry. I'll have to catch up at home.
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