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Monday, April 18, 2005
The Tao of Preschool
The pharmaceutical company representatives frequently give us tiny gifts with the brand name of the medicine they're promoting – pens, highlighters, notebooks, etc… So at the ACP conference I was offered a lot of crap. I usually politely refuse, but I thought my daughters would like these silly gifts when I returned, especially my 7 year old who hoards junk. So when I returned I emptied my bag and split the goodies between my 7 and 3 year old girls. (My 9 year old son is above such nonsense. He wants Legos and games for his Nintendo DS.) As soon as I started handing stuff out I realized that there might be a problem. I didn't get two of everything, so the gifts would have to be distributed asymmetrically. Our 3 year old has frequently freaked out in this situation in the past. We've tried explaining that it doesn't matter, that the next time the other person will get more, that her stuff is just as nice as her sister's stuff – all to no avail. A storm of tears and hurt feelings usually follow and require tons of affection to soothe. So I handed out the stuff as equitably as possible and prepared for the worst.

“Her notebook is bigger,” said my 3 year old. Uh oh. Here it comes. “But that’s OK” she continued. Huh? It’s OK?! Then came the line that left our jaws on the floor:

“You get what you get, and you don’t get upset. I learned it in school.”
Was she hovering a few inches off the floor in the lotus position when she uttered these words? I'm just curious because I've never actually witnessed anything like this!!!
That's so cute!
My daughter has a cute little stuffed stomach. With eyes.
David: No. Her feet were on the floor. That's the weird thing. There were no beams of light emanating from her head, or anything.

Her curly hair is supernaturally cute, though.

Irina: Yup.

Psychotoddler: Ah! Who could forget the Prevacid stuffed stomach? (I guess you made some post-production modification by gluing on goolgy eyes.) When the Prevacid people were handing out the suffed stomachs, I asked for three. I came home that day yelling "Who wants a toy stomach?" Everybody did!

My kids also have a Protonix stuffed monster.
My kids have that saying, too. It only works when they somehow remember it on their own. If you bring it up, forget it. It also helps when the items being distributed are anthropomorphicized internal organs.

Gotta feel sorry for the children of a proctologist.
I like her school -- is it perchance a Montessori one? Sounds like something out of their ideology.
I think I know several adults who have to take a lesson from the little Bean.
You really like to say "googly eyes," don't you.
That's how I can tell a doctors child, stuffed stomaches. ;)
Ralphie: Your kids too? Weird. By the way I just saw your kids. They're still very cute, you'll be happy to hear.

Torontopearl: Nope. Just a public preschool.

Psychotoddler: Googly eyes. Googly eyes. Googly eyes. Yes! I love saying it!

Wickwire: You can also tell 'cause they look like they miss their daddy...
For the record, I believe they also use that phrase at our (Bean's and mine) synagogue.

Must've been taught by a pedagogue.

Certainly wasn't a demagogue.
Ralphie: I never heard that expression at shul. Maybe that's because it's hard to hear over the incessant screaming.
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