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Monday, December 27, 2004
Power Line: Misinformation at the Times
Nice Power Line takedown of NYT's T. Friedman. How the mighty have fallen.

I wonder if this is a George Lucas kind of situation. George is so powerful within his own universe, there's no one at Skywalker Ranch who would dare tell him that it might not be such a good idea to, I don't know, go with the Jar Jar Binks thing.

Okay, Friedman isn't the top dog at the Times, but surely he's "big" enough that a fact checker isn't gonna come back to him with details such as those that Power Lines seems to have come up with fairly easily.
Friedman's the poster-boy of the "even handed" treatment of the Israeli-Arab conflict that presumes that if there are two agrieved parties then it is the job of an unbiased journalist to show that both parties are at fault and that both parties are equally at fault. Of course, if one party is responsible for most of the friction and acrimony in the conflict, that party will love the Friedman approach since it will help transfer half of the blame to the other side. Let's see what the rape victim could have done to prevent this horrible state of affairs?

He has little credibility left in the post-Oslo post-second-intifada world. Even Israelis on the left now understand that the Pali leadership is hell-bent on Israel's destruction. The last one to sort that out will be Friedman.
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