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Sunday, December 26, 2004
Hassidic Ninja!
No foolin'.
Nice find!

This is definitely a so-bad-it's-good site. The initial page asks you to choose a language from English, German, and Hebrew. The Hebrew link just doesn't work. The German link takes you to a site with German text. The English link takes to German text with the word "English" over it!!

The video shows various self-defense training classes with a groovy 80s synth-rock soundtrack.

The online store is worse. None of the picture links work, so it looks like a store full of those Xs that mean "there's supposed to be a picture here". The interface screams "I reelly speek no eengleesh." For example: "Bellow please find the list of"... and "More details about the item you choosed".

I guess the only good news is that religious Jews in Germany finally choosed to defend themselves, and that’s worth bellowing about.
Well, that's really something. Disarm and disable your opponent at the speed of continental drift.
Great site. Great find. I will have to check back.
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