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Friday, November 12, 2004
Who Voted for Bush?
An email I sent to a liberal friend who was playing the "Bush won because of religious nut-cases who think he's the Messiah" angle that's become popular with Leftists and their poodles in the old media.

I'm pretty much not religious. I voted for Bush because he's killing terrorists, and changing the dynamic in the area of the world that produces them. I also like that I pay fewer taxes with Bush in office. I think Kerry would have completely (screwed) up the war by being overpreoccupied with world (particularly French and UN) opinion. His legendary indecisiveness (check out the behind-the-scenes report in Newsweek) would have been made substantially worse by adding even more input from sources who don't have the United States' best interests at the top of their priority chart.

I voted against the California proposition banning gay marriage in '00 or '02 (whenever it was). I think abortion should be legal in the first trimester. I think it should be illegal after that. 3 months is long enough to ponder killing your offspring.

Contrary to your stereotype, the typical Bush voter is no more ignorant, bigoted or whacky than the typical Kerry supporter. By imagining them to be so, your party is piddling away its opportunity to learn from this election.

Another member of the email distribution list was more thoughtful in his response:

ha ha - your guy lost!!!! Sucker!!!
That's what you get!!!!
Get over it, sore losers. Let that be a lesson to you.
4 more years!!! 4 more years!

He's killing Iraqis. They're not terrorists. The terrorists got away. Our government also allowed the terrorists to succeed on 911. Whether wittingly or unwittingly is a moot point. They were given ample warning by our security agents and they failed to act on the info. Your side will lose because you are dishonest and without a moral compass.
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No, we will win for two reason............
1)humans yearn to leave in freedom
2)your side will continue to underestimate the intelligence of the American people.
See ya!
Dear headless Lucy:
Welcome! We're glad you found our blog. Come back often. There's lots to learn.

Let me try to address each of your points in turn.
"They're not terrorists." Huh? How do you know? Do you have a source for that opinion, or are you going on a strong hunch? Here are some sources suggesting that we are killing terrorists: Belmont Club, Debka, and a number of blogs written by Iraqis like Iraq the Model. Take a look at them, especially the last one. He's very thankful we're there, and he knows who we're killing.

"failed to act on the info." There was more that every administration since Carter could have done to combat terrorism. We only woke up on 9/11. That's not an indictment of what we've done since.

"Your side will lose because..." What? Lose what? I love it when people make predictions because then we can wait and tell who got the prediction right. What are we gonna lose? We won in Afghanistan. Bush won re-election. Are you saying we're gonna lose in Iraq? If so, stick around. In two to three years we'll know for sure, and if you were right I'll be the first to admit it.

"...you are dishonest and without a moral compass." Huh? OK. You need a general debating tip. If you're gonna make a broad accusation, help me out here with an example or a citation of a source or something. What has our side lide about? (I could list several lies by CBS, and Michael Moore...)
I voted for Bush because he is RECRUITING terrorists. According to the State Department, the Iraq War has become a great tool for al Qaeda to recruit more suicidal nuts. Bush has also recruited terrorists, including former Baath officials, to fight the insurgency. So terrorists win on both sides! I voted for more terrorism! Ya! Rah rah!
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