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Friday, November 12, 2004
The Peterson Verdict
I'm probably in a minority on this, but the Peterson verdict makes me uncomfortable. I think it's likely that Scott Peterson killed his wife and baby. I just don't see the proof.

Best I can tell is that the most damning pieces evidence against him were a comment he made to his mistress where he, (before Laci's death), referred to himself as a widower, and the fact that his alibi puts him in the viscinity of where the bodies were found. Never mind the fact that the bodies were found in a location that just happens to be surrounded by a population of roughly 2 million people.

No cause of death. No scene of the crime.

Please forgive me, but how on Earth do you convict anybody of murder when you can't even demonstrate conclusively by what means the victim died? And special circumstances? Malice of forethought? Without even having the foggiest inkling of how, where or even when the crime was carried out?

If this is the standard of proof by which we now conclude a capital case, I might have to rethink my support of the death penalty.
Ah Nomad, we have an imperfect justice system. We convict guilty people without evidence (Scott Peterson) and we let off guilty people with evidence (OJ). You win some, you lose some.

I have a greater concern that too many bad guys get off scot-free (no pun intended). I have great faith in our justice system that truly innocent people are almost never thrown in jail. Twelve people concluded that Scott Peterson is a murderer. You want the court to let him go? It's a very liberal idea to acquit bad guys unless there's a smoking gun, several witnesses, and a color videotape of the crime being committed.
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