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Monday, November 22, 2004
Powell Urges Israeli, Palestinian Leaders To Grab Peace Chance
It would be more useful if it read "Powell Urges Israeli Leaders To Grab Palestinian Leaders".
Powell also stressed that the new leaders must tackle violence. "What we really need is for the Palestinian side in this new era to speak out against terrorism," he said.
Sure! That will happen right away. The leaders most interested in having a goon from Hamas whack them with a burst from an automatic rifle will immediately start speaking out against terrorism. The ones with a sense of self-preservation will be thinking "Arafat had a pretty sweet deal going: ripping off the Europeans, selling peace to the Israeli left, and selling jihad to the Palestinians. A nice job, if you can get it. Oh, and you get to murder Jews."

Bring on Condi, please!
We don't need anyone to speak out against terrorism. We need them to kill terrorists.

Any questions?
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