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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
I have a crush on Peggy Noonan. Naturally beautiful, with a gift of phrase that turns prose into opus, a demeanor that softens and restores the optimism of a Reaganesque world view, and a resume that sees her working with Laura Ingraham (for whom I have a smaller crush) on some of Reagan's greatest oratory.

In light of her return to Wall Street Journal duty after volunteering to help the GOP cause in 2004, I'm placing a link to her column in the Kerckhoff side bar.
I'd like to second that. She is quite groovy. And I totally agree with your ranking. Both are great but Peggy > Ann.
I've always had a problem with thinking I'm saying or writing one word (or name) and actually saying or writing another without realizing it. In person, it leads to confused looks from the person I'm speaking to, and a more confused look in return from me.

Point being, it was Laura Ingraham; not Ann Coulter who worked with Peggy as a speechwriter in the Reagan Whitehouse. I actually don't have a crush on Ann, although I think she's entertaining. I do have a crush on Laura; just not as strong as the one I have on Peggy.
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