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Monday, November 01, 2004
Election Anxiety
Tighter than a drum. Mrs. Nomad heading to store for bottle of wine. Last night's dreams were a leviathan mix of politics and baseball. Hitting refresh on RCP every 5 to 10 minutes even though I know McIntyre and Bevan are fast asleep. Watching reruns of "Hardball", even though I can't stand Chris Matthews, just because I've already seen "Special Report with Brit Hume" twice. Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Minnesota. Even Hawaii. The numbers from each are seared... SEARED into my memory. And, yet they yield no conclusive relief. Just incapacitating uncertainty.

This election is not about politics. It is about something far more fundamental: safety. Not in the abstract, but very much in the concrete, buildings falling, people burning to death kind of a way. Make no mistake. The wrong vote would represent a substantial defeat for the United States in the war against the facist punks who would see you, me, our wives and children, our mothers and fathers slaughtered in their own hedonistic quest for a few dozen virgins in the afterlife.

So, here I sit. A few hours from voting. Wound up like a coil. Not possessing the focus to even proofread what I've just written. Those who would weaken this country must be defeated tomorrow. Get out and vote people.
I'm a big ball of anxiety too. It's been building for days. I'm going to try to vote very early in the morning just to get it over with. I'VE BEEN UNDER A LOT OF PRESSURE LATELY.

Of course, I desperately want Bush to win, but more than that, I want no multi-casualty terror event tomorrow. And almost more than I want Bush to win, I want someone to concede tomorrow night.
WOW, Nomad, I went through the same thing during the election.... would check RealClearPolitics regularly, slept in fits and starts.

I'm sleeping a little better now, but still have some nightmares that a red state turns blue, then I wake up and realize that Bush won and I feel better.
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