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Monday, November 01, 2004
Election Eve News and Notes (for Mike in Ohio)
My good friend, Mike, has been working tirelessly for the reelection of the President in Ohio. He lives at Ground Zero of the 2004 election, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He's taken the day off from work today and tomorrow to work phones and doors as part of the massive GOTV effort implemented by Rove and Co. I heard from his wife this morning, asking me to bullet point election issues for her so he can get a fix on where we stand tonight.

I'm going to do one better. He has internet access at home; but not email access. So, this thread is here for any of us to add bullet points and links that'll provide (hopefully) encouraging information to one of the guys doing the hard work of the 2004 campaign. Feel free to add to this list throughout the day.

Mike, click the comments link below to add a comment to this thread. We'd all be interested to hear how it went on the campaign trail today.

Campaign Eve Bulletpoints:

Update: Heard from Mike as he stopped at home for a Snickers between taking abuse at the doorsteps of Kerry supporters. He's working heavily Republican precincts in a balls-to-the-wall GOTV effort. He'll be manning the phone banks tonight after the sun sets. Those of us supporting the President owe guys like Mike our gratitude for work above-and-beyond the call.

Mike: thank you, thank you, thank you.
If you're not checking the main thread regularly today, I just posted the bullet below. It's very good news. See also my poll averages for the principle battleground states that remove Zogby polls from the total. Also very encouraging.

Harris' Final Poll gives Bush the election by FOUR POINTS!! Harris was the only poll to call the 2000 election correctly as a popular vote tie. I've been waiting for this one, and am delighted to see them giving Bush a stastistically significant lead.
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