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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
UPDATE: I am sad to say that Batya Rafaela did not make it. The funeral was yesterday. Shiva continues until Monday morning. May God bring comfort to her family.

The baby daughter (less than 2) of one of the families of our shul nearly drowned on Thursday. She is in dire condition - on life support. The family has asked that the community pray for her:

Batya Rafaela bat Hadassah
Any updates?
A friend, and a shul acquaintance, traveled from Toronto to L.A. on Sunday to be with the family for the women's learning and last day of shiva. The friend said just how OVERWHELMING and intense -- she kept using that word "intense" -- it all was. It was very spiritual too with the L.A. shul community members who surrounded the family as best as they could.

The need for that family to band together, strengthen each other and continue living without their beloved daughter is the hardship and challenge ahead. May G-d give them strength...
I'm sorry.

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