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Sunday, August 13, 2006
"...the world will see who the aggressor is and will understand us"
This is so sad. According to the Jerusalem Post, Olmert believes that Hezbullah will not honor the cease-fire. Or at least a "source close to Olmert" believes this, to be fair. Here's what the source says:

"When Hizbullah violates the cease-fire, the world will see who the aggressor is and will understand us."

This is sheer delusion. Wasn't the world supposed to see who the aggressor is after Israel retreated from all of Lebanon? Shouldn't the world have seen who the aggressor is when, unprovoked, a terrorist militia crosses an internationally recognized border and kills and kidnaps soldiers? How about when they indiscriminately lob rockets into civilian centers?

Dear Source: The world will never, never, ever, "see who the aggressor is." They already know in their hearts that Israel is the aggressor, and no amount of cold, hard, reality will change that. Any chance you can conduct this war accordingly?
It seems those who will not learn from history are dooming the rest of us to relive it.
Well said, my friend. Well said.
I am sick over the whole cease-fire deal. And the soldiers weren't even returned. What is up w/Israel's policies of appeasement the past decade or so? It doesn't work. It just makes matters worse. They stated the objective was to disarm Hezbollah. That should have been followed through. :(
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