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Thursday, August 10, 2006
Tree Huggers for Terrorists
I often try to think of ways to get the Terrorati - that is, Leftist apologists for terrorists - to see the errors of their ways. First I tried to speak their language. For example, calling the Iranian Mad Mullahs mean. Because, as you know, Mean People Suck. I also tried to point out that they and others like them such as Saddam and the Saudis are oil-rich fatcats. Doesn't the fact that these people have made billions on oil make them evil by default?

You'd think it would be enough for these people to know that with every act of terror, another Republican is created. For that reason alone the Left should be unequivocally against all terrorists and their supporters.

But now there is a new reason. Something even Al Gore can get behind: They're killing the trees!
Terrorati. I like it.
b&c and I were talking about this just a couple of days ago. The far left alliance with/defense of Islamofascists makes no sense for so many reasons. Radical Islam treats women as property, opresses gays, is militant about modest dress and would create a society that is totally at odds with what the "progressives" want. You would think the left would be on the vanguard of bombing these people to smithereens. What is the only issue with which they could possibly agree? Hatred of America.
waddaya mean - those trees were right wing, conservative, republican trees. they deserved to die. duh!
That's right, ba, they might even have been -shudder- Likud!

Keep up the good work on your blog.
There is something else leftists and Moslems agree about in addition to hatred of America and that is hatred of Israel and of Jews.

In the Arab world there are secular socialists and many different sects of Moslems, none of whom can get along with any of the others, but they all agree about one thing: Hate Jews.

I believe that a similar anti-Semitism drives a large part of the left in America and certainly in Europe. It's an irrational hatred, but no less real for that.

What does it matter how Arabs treat women or gays when they are so solid on the one thing that really matters? Hate Jews.
define left. Define right...thank you.
know one's gonna answer me?
Cruisin-mom: The books have already been written, you just have to read them. One really great book is by Thomas Sowell, it's called *The Quest for Cosmic Justice*

"Left" and "right" can't be defined in a sentence or two.

But if you want a thumbnail definition: the left is secular and anti-Semitic, the right is religious and pro-Israel. That's chapter one. There are twenty more chapters, at least.
Maybe if we could somehow call them "Republicans"...say, didn't Saddam have a "Republican" guard...
CM - I defined my own terms, at least, at the beginning of my post - Leftist apologists for terror. Not all leftists - just those kind.

PT - good call.
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