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Thursday, August 10, 2006
British Authorities Say Plot to Blow Up Airliners Was Foiled
You don't need to come to the Coffeehouse for breaking news, that's for sure. By now you know all about the foiled terror plot and new round of airline security measures (no liquids allowed! buy your sunscreen when you get to your destination!). Imagine what would be happening if, God forbid, these animals had succeeded.

Being a partisan cynic, the first thing that came to my mind was the uproar over the government reviewing records of incoming and outgoing phone calls to and from known Al Qaeda members (not the actual calls, mind you). Let's keep pressing that campaign! Wouldn't wanna catch any more terrorists! And if, God forbid, something like this plan does occur because we can't do little things like that, believe you me that the public pressure for even greater pressures on privacy will skyrocket.

Or don't believe me. Now, if you don't mind, I have to fedex some suntan oil, hairspray, and claritin syrup to the Bahamas so they'll be there when I arrive.
Speaking of fedexing your stuff to your vacation destination, I never understood what was to stop people from fedexing bombs and blowing up planes and trucks that way. (I hope no terrorists are reading this and getting ideas.) Why can you not take your stuff on the plane but the post office can put it on their planes? Come to think of it, there have been people who used the mail to send bombs -- remember the Unabomber? Are the post office, Fedex and UPS worrying about this and what are they doing about it?

I just remembered what a pleasure it was when I visited New York to buy a whole lot of books at Barnes & Noble (the REAL one, not these phony chain clones) and then go to the service desk and have all those books shipped back home to me, so I didn't have to shlep them all in my suitcase, and a few weeks after I got home from my vacation, there would be these great packages arriving, like birthday presents to myself.

So like should drug stores now have wrap 'n' send desks so you can send yourself toothpaste and shampoo?
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