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Monday, July 10, 2006
Where are we?
Yes, it seems like coffeehouse activity has waned lately. The only things behind the counter are stale pastries and day-old coffee. Bitter stuff, that.

Personally, I am in the midst of dealing with a newborn and a yearly production cycle at work that my colleagues agree is more grueling than years past, for some reason (I was at work the day after the baby was born. And that was a Sunday). To make you life easier, add our RSS feed somewhere and just check that every now and then to see what's brewin'.

Our other members can feel free to post their own sob stories, either in the comments here or in separate posts.
: (
You need Dr. Bean back. Math, anyone?
You tell him - he wants to be a doctor...
I ordered a bagel and decaf 5 days ago. Who's in charge here?

Kiwi: Sorry. I've thrown in the towel. I'm doing a weekly medical news blog, but there are no coffee pastries or humor there. Certainly no math.
will you at least sell day old bagels for 1/2 price?
What fun is that, without any math? Medical news, boooooring!
Kiwi: Great. Rub it in.
Cruisin-mom: Half price? There's no one at the cash register. Just take them.

The whole thing is just so sad. :-(

Irina: Even if the coffeehouse burns down in an "accident" for the insurance money. We won't forget you were our first loyal reader way back when. I hope you still have my email address and will let me know if you ever set foot in LA.
I definitely will! But I have for the coffeehouse yet! : )
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