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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Some News
John Roberts is the new chief justice. You may be surprised to know that Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hilary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein voted against him.

In other news, Tori Spelling decided to divorce her husband just fourteen months after her million-dollar wedding. You may be surprised to know that Hollywood people are really self-centered.
The Vote was 78 to 22. All the Reps voted yea. The Dems split almost exactly in half. The 22 nays were a shameful abuse of the confirmation process for clearly ideological reasons. The confirmation is just supposed to assure the nominee's qualification. Judge Roberts is eminently qualified. The 22 nays just wanted to be able to tell their lefty constituents that they voted against a conservative judge. Add to the list of ignominy Charles Schumer, an unrepentant socialist who makes ball-and-chain and me nauseated.

Too bad about Tori. I hope her gazillion dollars that she didn't have to work for is some consolation.
14 months! That's gotta be like a record for tinsel town!

Tory should pay anyone who had to wake up to that horse face of hers for 14 months.

What? she looks like a clydesdale.
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