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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The more I think about it, it really is the flashbulb reflection in the cat's eyes that makes this the funniest picture of all time. I mean, it's humbling enough to be a cat being ****ed by a dog. It should be the ultimate of all indignities.

But the reflection of the flashbulb reminds us that there is a 3rd party here. Someone who, if it occurred to him, could help the cat. It may even be the cat's owner. Someone the cat trusted. Someone who, rather than helping the cat, opted instead to break out his instamatic, and snap this photo. The ultimate betrayal is not the dog; the dog's just doing what dogs do... on some level, the cat may even understand this... wrong place, wrong time, some days the dog gets you.... but the betrayal by the person wielding the camera is consuming. This is a cat who will never trust again. Ever.
LOL! Cute picture!
How dumb is that dog???!!!!
That dog isn't dumb. He's humping a cat. He'd probably hump your leg or a sofa cushion given half a chance. It's not evolutionarily productive, but it's not necessarily dumb. It's certainly no worse than watching TV, or, for that matter, blogging!
The cat will win in the end. She's going to find her owner's favorite cashmere sweater and pee on it.
You have to tell me....
what is "catch me if you can?"
It has been driving me nuts.

Actually, this is just doggie payback for some kitty crime. Just that's always done behind closed doors. Dogs aren't subtle like cats are.

and the owner knows it.

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