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Sunday, September 11, 2005
It was four years ago today
Apologies in advance. I replaced the Salvation Army logo & link with a 9/11 image. I figure that the few people who read here and the greater number of people who post here have already made a donation somewhere or other. In any case, I just commented it out so we can restore it tomorrow.

I have to admit that this anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy has passed me by without a trace, so to speak. This is my fault, of course. On one hand, it still feels so close to me, and I think about it so often, that I don't feel like I need a day of commemoration. On the other hand, I know I won't feel like this forever and it's important to establish some sort of ritual (I'm using a lowercase "r" here, 'cause I don't mean religious) to mark the date.

What to do? A nationwide moment of silence sounds hokey, but they do that in Israel (for certain dates) along with a siren and it's pretty effective. Of course, Israel's a whole lot smaller, and they have other ceremonies for those kinds of days as well. In 2002 & 2003, there were some military-type flyovers. I have to say that was actually a little unnerving, since we were still on high alert for attacks on that symbolic day.

Any suggestions? Did anyone out there make an effort to do something relevant? (I admit I did not.)
I posted an entry with my reflections during the time between THEN and now and also read some poetry with relevant themes.

I know some people post, along with their blog entries, songs associated with 9/11 in their minds.

However, those are all personal, emotional preferences. I don't think there's a national need to do anything besides lowering the flag.

Life goes on.
I didn't do anything concrete to commemorate the occasion, but it was certainly on my mind.

To some extent, I think the anniversary was overshadowed this year by the Hurricane Katrine tragedy, which is still playing out.

I think the victims of 9/11 should be remembered on November 11, along with those who died in other wars. I don't know whether others would think that appropriate, but for my children's generation, 9/11 will have more meaning than even WWII.

Whether there should be an additional commemoration on 9/11, I don't know … it's probably not my place to comment, as a Canadian. (Though there were — I think it was a total of 47 Canadians who died on 9/11.)
I have been thinking about it since hurricane Katrina happened. It was just so close to that time of year. I don't know what exactly would be appropriate, but I do know that the march and country music fest thing does not sound like the right idea.
I think a minute of silence at the time the first plane hit would be great, but you'd have to get all the local TV and radio stations to voluntarily cooperate. The country's too big. I don't think it would work.

I also did nothing.
Ralphie: Treppenwitz answers your question and links to you here.
Larry Miller sounds a similar note.
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