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Thursday, September 01, 2005
First Comment
I've never understood commenters who get excited over adding the first comment to a post. I haven't it seen it happen here in the coffeehouse, but I see it in a few other places. What is the big deal?

Being the first one to use a public restroom after it's been cleaned - now, that is something to crow about.
Don't even think about it.
Damn!!! (and I was sure I'd open up the comments to see Dr. Bean's wise words.)

As for first comments... it's not about wearing a crown or anything for being "first", but like many areas in life, it's clear that people are fearful to make the first move. The first comment is an ice-breaker, at least in my eyes.
Blast you, Bean!!!

Pearl - fair enough. I meant when the entirety of the comment addresses the fact that said commenter is the first commenter and nothing else.
I disagree. It's all about wearing a crown.
Oven: I think a crown would clash with your large, vacuous eyes.
Woo Hoo, I'm number six!
Awww Cwap!

Forget it...
Why do I suddenly feel like the guy who finally scored a date with the class floozy?
Darn, Dr. Bean got third. Oh well.

well, guess I am waaayyy down the list today. I guess I can try again another day. :)
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