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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Got the whole fist up there, Imam?
Probe Elicits Disbelief at Mosque

Hope you enjoyed the Fletch reference, this is actually a pretty serious story. Here's the subhead:

Members of Inglewood temple express shock at learning three members are under investigation in an alleged plot to attack Southland sites.
The sites include "National Guard recruitment centers and synagogues."

I trust that you are just shocked, shocked, as well.
Nearly fell out of my chair with disbelief.
a) Always love Fletch references.

2) The article is pretty scary. It's the first I heard about the attacks being planned on Yom Kippur. Previously what I was reading just mentioned the September 11 date. When you think about our synagogue's security, I don't exactly get a safe and happy feeling in my tummy. Obviously I'm not going to discuss details in a public forum, but I'm very worried that the security we have in place will do nothing to stop the sort of attack they had in mind.

Looks like I'm spending Yom Kippur in the fetal position in my closet.
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