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Saturday, August 27, 2005
Gates of Fire
I hope that I've convinced at least one of two of you to occasionally read Little Green Footballs. Nothing compares to it for coverage of radical Islam and the war on it. Even if you only skim it weekly, you'll find stories you would not have seen elsewhere.

Here's a great example. This post on LGF introduced me to Michael Yon. Michael Yon is an independent author embedded with American soldiers. His most recent post, Gates of Fire is an incredible account of combat in Mosul. If you want to know what our forces are really facing there and what they're accomplishing, read it.
I have have actually gotten to exchange some email with Michael. He is wonderful.
JC: I've been addicted to his blog for the last few days. He writes some incredible stories.
The comments are great, too. But sometimes there be moonbats...

Birdwoman: You mean the comments at LGF? Yup. I used to be a regular commenter about a year ago. They definitely get some kooks sometimes. I don't think I've even openned a comment thread on LGF in many months. Michael Yon doesn't have comments.
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