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Tuesday, August 09, 2005
My Son's Band
My son is eight and in the third grade. He and his third grade buddies are putting together a band. This is one of their songs, composed by my son:

We're in this world
Where every day passes by
There is no stop
Not even if you try
You can see
Right here with me
Right here in the rules
You see on page 23
That there's no way
To change my life
There's no way to change
There's no way
There's no way to change
My life is the right way

Okay, maybe it's no Freebird, but I think's it pretty good for a third grader.
Quite impressive, actually. I like the part about "page 23"
It's great! Does he play an instrument? You should record them playing the song and figure out a way to post it. There're other bloggers that do audioposts.
Great stuff...better than many song lyrics you hear today.
Sign him up early with a record management company if you know what's good for you...and him!

BTW, is it meant to be a rock song, a ballad -- what?
that is brilliant :) no lie, brilliant..
Ralphie - I liked page 23 too

Bean - He's had keyboard lessons. His friends play guitar and drums.

Torontopearl - No need to rush. I'll start pushing the commercial aspects on him when he's in fourth grade. My guess is it's meant to be a pop song.
That's pretty good, actually.

If you can get me an MP3, I'll host it for you at mosheskier.com
Does the "band" have a name yet?

Perhaps they should call themselves "Page 23".
Really cool! He'll be famous one day! ; )
au contraire, i know teenagers who would be very proud to tell people they wrote that.

actually he sounds remarkably like a band of teens around here
"audioposts"? Oh, Bean. It's called "Podcasting"
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