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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
David Gelertner on Dobson, stem-cells, the holocaust, and apologies.
I like James Dobson, so I fully expected to dislike this article. Instead, I found that David Gelertner made a good, reasonable argument. Well done.
I know that this is rather beside the point, which was Dobson, but I think that I read last week that they are now able to harvest the stem cells from the placenta. I hope that this is actually the case.
Great article! Thank you.

Favorite lines:

"Drawing moral distinctions is what human beings are for."

That's a great statement of what is uniquely a human trait. I loved that.

"the whole business of demanding apologies is out of control in modern America."

Very true. It's like a passtime. Someone says something crazy or stupid, and instead of opening a debate on the idea, groups line up to demand appologies.

Finally, b-n-c and I can't stand the ADL and decided years ago that they aren't gettin a nickel from us.
I'm involved with ADL's Committee of International Affairs, and I can tell you that the stereotype of ADL is only partially true... We've been getting a few energetic young right-wingers lately, and hopefully with time, the balance will tip in our favor! ; ) (Not that I'm contributing anything pecuniary!)
Irina: What does that committee do? The ADL that we've been exposed to here is the "let us scrutinize every minute act for a possible shred of antisemitism and attract a ton of attention to it so that non-Jews think of us as a bunch of defensive hand-wringing perpetual victims". That's not the kind of message I want to send, and I don't even think that it's a good way to fight antisemitism.
Very good article, Ralphie. Thanks for the link.
Bean - I am offended and demand an apology.
Ralphie: In my previous comments I used some words that are regretable and not in the best traditions of blogging. If these caused any hurt feelings, I'm truly...

Aww $#%@ OFF!!!
Hmm... you're confusing ADL with Abe Foxman.
The committee is concerned with foreign affairs with respect to Jews (i.e. what happens in France), as well as the academic world. Unfortunately, I've only joined right before the end of the official "session", so I haven't actually had a chance to go to too many events, but I have a feeling than even if it were previously inactive, things are beginning to change.
Irina: Interesting. Keep me posted if you're active next academic year. I'd be happy to have you change my mind.
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