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Monday, May 09, 2005
The Huffington Post
For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, today is the debut of Arrianna Huffington's mega blog. The centerpiece is a bunch of posts from America's favorite and not-so-favorite left-leaning commentators and celebrities.

My favorite? Newsweek's Michael Isikoff, who uses his (paid-for?) space to devote one line linking to an article... by Michael Isikoff, of Newsweek!

Other gems include Larry David's wife, Laurie, revealing that her husband watches American Idol before launching into a tiresome anti-gas-guzzler automobile tirade; Mr. David himself, in a slightly amusing riff on John Bolton; Ellen DeGeneres (whom, for the record, I find hilarious normally) with an entirely humorless lament for wild, yet dead, horses; Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (yes, the Seinfeld universe is over-represented) and her husband apparently making some sort of joke about gay marriage (they seem to be making fun of the non-existent idea that official recognition of gay marriage would impact current marriages); a senator and a congressman berating the Bush administration for ignoring the Darfur genocide and the North Koren nuke buildup, respectively; and other items that will make you want to harm yourself to some degree. Also present as token dissenting voice is the National Review's David Frum.

For some reason, the Coffeehouse has been left off of Arianna's hefty blogroll. Surely an accidental oversight.


The main blog actually contains a whole, whole, lotta contributors (including at least one more token righty, Byron York). The page I linked above is, >shudder< apparently the highlights...

Be afraid, etc.
Is it just me, or is the blog almost completely incomprehensible? The bit about gay marriage, was it supposed to be funny? The article on using the bible as metaphor; did that guy ever speak to a religious person? I try to read a few left-wing blogs to know who the oppostion is. I generally find that I do not understand what they are talking about! I think I know what the problem is. They are arguing against their *perceived* notion of what right-wingers stand for. Therefore to a real right-winger, the arguments don't make any sense.
b&c is a lot more open minded than I am. She looks at lefty blogs like Daily Kos to see what's what on the dark side. I've become so sure I don't even bother exposing myselft to the other side. I'm not proud.
Doc, you got that right! Some people like going to say Air America and checking out what they are saying, I don't even bother, what's the point?

As fas huffington's blog, I wrote on my blog that the main problem I had was that it had no comments section on the biggies.

The other thing was that why do we need to give celebrities yet another voice? Who wanted any of thier world views and opinion in the first place.
And then the other side is going to be quoting the above-mentioned celebrities as legitimate authorities on issues other than entertainment... *Sigh*.
In general there's nothing new on that site - just like there's not much new in terms of ideas or even criticism on the Left.

But what might turn out to be of value are the bits by Democratic elected officials. Of course, it'd be better if they were really blogging - surely their pieces are vetted by somebody or other - but a gem might turn up every now and then.
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