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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
The Guardian: Perhaps the neocons got it right in the Middle East
I was so surprised and happy reading this article I nearly lost bladder control. Remember, this is The Guardian.

The greatest danger for those of us who dislike George Bush is that our instincts may tip over into a desire to see his foreign policy objectives fail. No reasonable person can oppose the president's commitment to Islamic democracy. Most western Bushophobes are motivated not by dissent about objectives, but by a belief that the Washington neocons' methods are crass, and more likely to escalate a confrontation between the west and Islam than to defuse it.


We must respect American power, and also acknowledge that the world sometimes has much need of it. As Sir Michael Howard, wisest of British strategic thinkers, often remarks: "If America does not do things, nobody else will." We should acknowledge the limitations of the UN. The pitiful performance of many international peacekeeping contingents, not least in Afghanistan, highlights the feebleness of what passes for European security policy.
Read the whole thing, but go to the bathroom first.

Who's next? Michael Moore?
(Via LGF.)
I'll compromise and read it in the bathroom.
OH MY.... (*darting for the nearest bathroom*)


Someone must have kidnapped the editors of that rag!
Ralphie: Wash your monitor, when you're done.

Irina: I expect a retraction from them as soon as they are released.
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