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Saturday, March 19, 2005
...til they see what I've done with the place.

At least the picture of the chick with the boobs is still here.
Did you notice the charming little mole?
Nomad! The Coffeehouse looks great! You are the man! Of course, when I first saw it, I thought Godby did it, so I'm glad you took credit.

Two things that we had before, that we don't now: (1) a list of recent posts in the sidebar (2) our site meter.

I can reinsert the site meter, and I think I have too because I'm the only one with the password. I would need a copy of the old template though to figure out how the list of recent posts get displayed. I think they were a handy way to get to older stuff without scrolling down the main page. If it's easy for you, can you insert it?

(commenting is a lot faster, too, so it looks like Blogger fixed a thing or two.)

Psychotoddler: Shavua tov! We'll eventually change the picture when some other image compels one of us.
Nomad: Um... One other thing. Who's the guy with the blue shades and yellow headband who you hired to paint? He's doing a great job, but he seems a little too happy, if you know what I mean. Has he been sniffing the paint all day?
Got both the recent posts and the site meter reinstalled.

So.... You cleaned up your act.
Lookin' real good.
I do miss the L.A. skyline, though. Can you send it my way?
Major kudos, Nomad!

Torontopearl: See what a great team we are? Re: skyline. It's not portable. Come visit though. Bring the family. Ball-and-chain and I would be happy to feed y'all Shabbat lunch!
Doctor Bean, guess what!?! I'm coming for lunch in June. Yup, right after you sent out that generous invitation, I called up the airlines and booked the first ticket I could. Kindness speaks volumes, and I heard you, all right. Just warn the ball-and-chain...

Actually, I really am planning to view that L.A. skyline for myself come June. I'm abandoning the spouse and kiddies, and I'll be attending a pseudo-bloggers interface, aka a lecture. I'm assuming my Shabbat meals are taken care of, but thank you very much.
Maybe we will connect...at DISNEYLAND!!!
Doctor Bean, got your message -- thank you. I'll be a stranger in a strange land, so I might well take you up on the invite; I know that not all my time is accounted for.

And if you guys don't live that far away from where I'll be staying, perhaps we can set up a bloggers' meeting...at a real, live coffeehouse!
Looks good.
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