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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
VDF on Ariel Sharon
[Ariel Sharon's] past is checkered. Critics cite his negligence in not restraining Lebanese militias from massacring Palestinians. His former opposition to peace accords has emboldened settlers — and gave encouragement to dangerous zealots and radicals. Opponents remember all that and more — forgetting that in 1967, and especially 1973, his service to Israel was heroic and life saving. Five years ago no sane person in Israel thought that the widowed, obese, sweating, blunt-speaking, untelegenic bulldog would ever be prime minister; five years from now no sane person will ever quite believe he actually was. But now? At this moment of Israel's greatest peril? Israel is lucky to have the likes of him — one last time.
Via Roger L. Simon. Read the whole thing. It's magnificent.
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