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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Mason Dixon Final State Polls
As noted earlier, there were certain polls to be on the lookout for between now and 11/2. Per Jay Cost and Drummond, these have a solid track record, are open about their methodologies, and use well-established practices (Cost and Drummond aren't in complete agreement on all the polls, but agree on most of them).

Mason Dixon is one of these. MD is particularly strong on the state-by-state polling. They've just released their latest numbers with the following results for states that are in-play:

States that Bush won in 2000:
FL: Bush +4
AR: Bush +8
CO: Bush +7
OH: Bush +2
MO: Bush +5
NV: Bush +6
WV: Bush +8
NH: Kerry +1

States that Gore won in 2000
MN: Bush +1
IA: Bush +5
NM: Bush +4

WI: Kerry +2
MI: Kerry +2
PA: Kerry +2
OR: Kerry +6

These are very positive numbers for President Bush. Thanks to RCP for posting them.
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