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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Gaza Pullout
I haven't read the VDH article yet, and I'll say that I love that man. Love him. No, I mean, like, I looooove him.

But here's why I think the Gaza pullout is already a bad idea. First of all, with the news that Israel is pulling out, are the bad guys laying low until they're gone? Getting ready for elections, building infrastructure, what-have-you? Of course not. Then are stepping up attacks both in and from Gaza. Because they have to keep up the myth that they are driving Israel out. That's exactly how this is going to be taken - how it's already being understood by the Palestinians.

Secondly, the "peace-process" folk are already taking credit. Saying they feel vindicated - echoes of what they (ok, we - I was an idiot) said during Oslo. This can't be good.

As usual, I have no alternative solution, of course.

That reminds me: what are the two currently most meaningless phrases in the English language?

"Peace Activist" and "Compact Only" (you know, the words painted in the spot where your Hummer is parked)
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