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Saturday, August 02, 2008
McCain is Going to Win Comfortably in the End
I buy the dogma that this election is about Obama, and at the end of the day, Obama just isn't going to appeal to mainstream America enough to defeat a palatable middle-of-the-roader like McCain.

His positions are too extreme, his associations too scary, and his attitude too condescendingly arrogant. The primary claim of his campaign of a change in politics just isn't going to sell, given the cynical, disingenuous politics-as-usual approach into which he's descended.

Obama has already passed his high-water mark. His slim lead in the polls has pretty much evaporated. As people learn more about him, they are less likely to want him occupying the Oval Office; not more. He can continue to attempt to obscure his actual positions on everything under the sun, but his propensity to meander when questioned continues to expose his radical ideologies.

You heard it here first; McCain wins comfortably.
From your mouth to G-d's ears.
Wait - I thought the only reason you could be against Obama was if you were racist. Now I'm all confused.
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