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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Passoverdoing it
pesach cube I guess I went a little overboard preparing my cubicle for pesach.

Have a happy, kosher passover.
I don't know. According to the RCC, that looks just about right? Are you sure you used kosher tin-foil?
Hello Kerckhoffians! Merry Pesach!

So I wanted to thank you guys for popping over to my blog periodically. I've read the occassional comment from at least a few of you. My question(s):

How many of you know me in person? And if you do, who are you?

See, I know that Bean reads, and he's identified himself to me. I guess I could just ask him, but I haven't as yet. So if any of you read my blog, do in fact know me in person, and don't mind letting me know, I'd love an email or something so I can connect the persona with the person.


Just wanted to let you know that I posted some comments to Doctor Bean's sci-fi story.

This picture of your office would be a great illustration for a detective story, BTW. The story would be called "Curses, foiled again!"
haha... our kitchen looks like a first cousin to that!
Darn! Toby Katz stole my favorite Pesach line! :)

Ralphie, that photo is hilarious! :)

So nu, did you spend as much time and effort kashering your kitchen? :)
Everything was going just fine until I tin-foiled the inside of my microwave oven.
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