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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Online DVD Rental Service smackdown.
a) Crap. We switched from Netflix to Blockbuster on your advice back you posted "red" businesses (donate to Reps) and "blue" businesses (donate to Dems). If Blockbuster online gets shut down and we gotta switch back to Netflix, I'm gonna cry.

b) That's moronic. What they got a patent for doesn't at all sound patent worthy. A way for users to make their movie list online and get CDs mailed to them??!? That's not startling new technology or a new algorithm to do something tricky. It's an obvious thing that no one's done before. So's singing "Jingle Bells" naked in the middle of my street, but I bet I couldn't patent that.
Rhoda "Why is there a Yeti singing jingle bells in the street"

Bill: I don't know, I'm gonna call the cops.
Hah! I've stayed with Netflix -- I prefer the little, entrepeneur guy over the bloated corporate fat-cats!

That stated, what a moronic lawsuit:

Netflix business model:

1. Nice envelope with disc
2. Reconfigure nice envelope into a SASE to insert disc and mail it back after viewing.

Wow......What a revolution;)

We need to put the kibbosh on these ambulance-chasing, gucci-loafer wearin' weasel attorneys:)
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