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Monday, June 06, 2005
Jerusalem Day
I mused a few days ago about phrases that changed the world because I think there is a phrase that is much less well known that is as historic as any of the ones I listed.

On this day in 1967, in the final hours of the Six Day War, the crackling voice of Israeli Defense Force Colonel Motta Gur announced over the army wireless “Har habayit beyadenu.” The Temple Mount is in our hands.

I had intended to write a post trying to capture the momentous importance of the dramatic end of two millennia of Jewish exile from Jerusalem, but David Bogner at treppenwitz did it far better than I could. Read it, and reflect how lucky we are to be living now.

The guy on the far left in this poster is named Ziggy. Forgive me, but his full name escapes me.

In 1995 I met him at a falafel stand in Afula where he told me and the group I was with about his experience in retaking the Old City and finally reaching the Kotel.

Very intense.
I can't really take any credit for what I wrote... I was working with very good material! :-)
Jack: Neat story. Thanks. It's incredible what our parents' generation lived though. I'm glad we've had much fewer opportunities to be heroes, and I hope our kids are as lucky.

David: Ah, the false modesty of true talent!
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