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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Happy Purim!
We would like to extend our wishes for a very happy Purim to our Jewish readers.

For the next day or so we're serving hamantaschen and beer.

We know many will miss the photo of the Lebanese protester, but all good things must come to an end.
Hey, I'm still waiting for my amaretto decaf coffee and my banana nut muffin... Okay, just serve it to me while you're serving up the L.A. skyline.

Ye....s....s, I'll settle for a hamantaschen. I'm not big on beer, though.

But at least make it the right kind of hamantaschen -- a cookie dough bass and some kind of nut filling -- no traditional poppy seed filling for me.

Chag Purim Sameach/Happy Purim.
sorry,not a cookie dough bass (that's some kind of fish, related to the gefilte fish); I mean a cookie dough base.
Torontopearl: You'll get your L.A. skyline. Patience!

I like poppy seed filling; I like nut filling; I don't like prune.

Click here for your order.

I'm glad you corrected that. Cookie dough bass sounds gross. Purim sameach*!

* sameach [Hebrew] adj. happy
Happy Purim! No thanks to beer (unless it's root beer), but we say YES to hamantaschen - minus poppy seed and prune. Everything else sounds great!
Mmmmm! Diet Barq's Root Beer is a favorite in the Bean home.
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