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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Best. Lileks. Ever.
Read this immediately or regret it on your deathbed.
Rewind the calendar to the 80s; there were two different approaches to the Soviet threat:

Coexistance, whereby we sign pieces of paper that outlaw six classes of missiles, permit development of three others, lay out frameworks for future talks on reducing expansion of experimental tests for another class, accept Soviet client states in our neighbodhood, and oh, we exchange circuses and ballet troops. Peace!

Up Yours, Ivan, whereby we push back against any attempt to plant the hammer and sickle in our hemisphere, fund those who resist your imperialism, match you rocket-for-rocket in Europe’s front yard and spent eleventy billion dollars on stuff you can neither invent nor afford. War!

But peace, in the end.
Screedy blogolicious genius, I tell you.
"Read this immediately or regret it on your deathbed."

It comes to mind the deep remorse Yasser must be feeling over this right now.
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