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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Someone Stole His Bagel
Psychotoddler just posted his recollections of our IM conversation yesterday. It's not bad, but the actual conversation I pulled from the archive is actually funnier.

PT: somebody stole my bagel
Doctor Bean: oh. no. I'm sorry. I swear it wasn't me.
PT: i'm trying to be good
Doctor Bean: we have about 4 stale ones from Friday here in the office but they'll be even worse when they get to you
PT: i feel like michael corleone
Doctor Bean: non sequitor. don't follow
Doctor Bean: they keep pulling you back in?
PT: i'm trying to be a good boy, eat reasonably
PT: i brought a little toaster bagel with some cream cheese
PT: and someone either threw it out or ate it
Doctor Bean: but for some reason it transmorgified to a corned beef sandwich?
PT: and the only kosher stuff at the gas station is cookies
PT: what can i do
PT: starve?
PT: i have to eat the cookies
Doctor Bean: eat the cookies
PT: my hand has been forced
Doctor Bean: te absolvo
PT: the cookies and the diet coke
Doctor Bean: diet coke? yum!
PT: and one of those kellog's breakfast bars
Doctor Bean: keep a stash of kosher healthy stuff at the office
PT: i'll start my diet tomorrow
PT: new topic
Doctor Bean: you may find it hard without some external plan to keep you accountable.
Doctor Bean: ok no more about that
PT: that was the stash, btw
PT: need a bigger stash
Doctor Bean: i'm listening to dennis prager in the office.
Doctor Bean: you've heard of him?
PT: i've heard of him but he doesn't come by my office
PT: conservative guy
Doctor Bean: he's on the radio 11 - 2 your time
Doctor Bean: http://www2.krla870.com/listen/
Doctor Bean: that's the link to listen to his show
PT: i can't listen here
Doctor Bean: ok. never mind.
PT: the palestinian will shoot rockets at me
Doctor Bean: ha!

PT: good cookie
Doctor Bean: enjoy the diet coke too
PT: it's growing on me
PT: like a fungus
Doctor Bean: new drug rep. hubba hubba. altace for everyone! on me!

Doctor Bean: i gotta watch some very borring training videos about the new EMR version, but it's hard to concentrate with the drug rep walking around.
PT: pretend she's a cylon
Doctor Bean: that makes her more desirable, just more dangerous
Doctor Bean: ok. gotta focus. bye
PT: bye
Refer to Psycho Toddler's post for my comments, which hold true here, as well.
Don't you two have an investment seminar or something to fill your time between patients?

Also, I think the part of the oath that goes "First do no harm" also applies to evil intentions towards hot drug reps. Although, as a layman I could be totally wrong about that.
Torontopearl: Thank you. When are you coming back to LA?

Treppenwitz: I have a ton of paperwork to fill my time between patients. Just when I was getting all disciplined and productive and not blogging during work hours, Psychotoddler springs this IM thing on me. He's trying to starve my children, I tell you. It's a very addictive time waster.

Also, I expressed no evil intentions towards the hot drug rep. Altace is the blood pressure medicine she was peddling. I merely joked that I would henceforth prescribe it to everyone. The oath you're thinking of does specifically mention drug reps. If I remember the Latin correctly, a rough translation is:

"First, do no harm. Attempt, moreover, to ogle the drug reps only minimally, for immodest is their dress, and their attractive calves are simply billboards for Altace. Furthermore, why not get the heck back to work and stop wasting your life?"
Well, I could be reading that 77 page manifesto you sent me.
I've sworn off IM and my cell phone. I've just gone into overwhelm from too much constant talk and too little actual communication.
Don't know how long it will last though. I'm trying to pawn the cell phone off on my teenage stepdaughter, but she's suspicious that it comes with bad vibes attached.
But you guys do a great IM thing... way to go.
Psychotoddler: It's much shorter than that. The last 20 pages or so is figures and references. And it's double spaced.

For everyone else's benefit, Psycho is talking about a link I emailed him to an interesting scientific paper about dieting I found on the Freakonomics website, which Ralphie links to in the comments to my review of Freakonomics.

Mirty: I'm proud of you. In all fairness, Psycho and I do frequently discuss substantive stuff. We also waste a ton of time. At least it keeps me from blogging.
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