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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
It's OVER!!! BUSH WINS!!!!
After spending the evening on the phone with Ohio Mike, it came down to FL and OH. Both were looking grim after the exit polling, but the numbers that came in from the actual polling never confirmed the exit polling. Finally, there were simply not enough votes for Kerry to pick up to overcome the Bush votes, and Fox called it.

It's over. Bush wins. At this point, he's got 269 votes with NV, NH and HI outstanding. I can't wait for Kerry's concession speech.

Also... it looks like Daschle is gone. WHAT A REPUDIATION!!!!!

Time for the Dems to reevaluate.
Kerry won't concede until Bush gets to 270 and that may take a few more hours. Meanwhile CNN (Communist News Network) won't call Ohio yet, though Fox and CNBC have given it to the President. Kerry will probably demand that the provisional ballots be counted in Ohio if the final vote there is close. It could still be a while, but it looks very good.
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