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Monday, May 08, 2006
I haven’t finished writing and posting the story of how I met and married Dr. Bean. Perhaps I never will. But here is a smaller story. When we met and fell in love, it was spring. The parts of the campus where we spent the most time were covered in jasmine. The strong scent filled the air night and day. I subsequently planted the flowers at our home merely for the memory. In full bloom you see, jasmine actually makes me sneeze. On Shabbat, Honey (4) was sitting in our yard and said, “What smells so good?” I told her it was jasmine. She replied, “It smells like love.” She was more right than she knew.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
That is so sweet. I mean, I just vomited all over my keyboard, but it really is sweet.
[sobbing uncontrollably]

Oh, *sniff* wow! I love *snort* you so much! Do you have any tissues?
Yeah, yeah, real funny guys.
Hey, it's nice.

I had a girlfriend once I took to a pavillion in a local park- it was stormy as hell and the air was full of cherry blossoms flying around.As there was nobody else in the park... Well, I was finding those cherry blossoms in some wierd places, later on. See? a guy can take anything and make it perverse.
I think "Honey" could be a copywriter!

"Jasmine: it smells just like love."

(BTW, we ate at someone's house over Passover, and they couldn't get rid of a box of jasmine tea fast enough. I took it, 'cause I need all the love I can get!)
"That is so sweet. I mean, I just vomited all over my keyboard,.."

Funny you say that Ralphie. As I recall the historical record, we were in the midst of a Roman "toga" party, when Bean, the lovable but awkward member of our gaggle of 20-year old miscreants, arrived with an attractive female -- a vexing state of affairs for his fellow compatriots, and anyone else who had known Bean at the time.

I think the general consensus at the time was, "Hey, How did this happen?!!?":)

Of course, the female we were soon to learn was none other than the gracious & lovely--- Ball & Chain. And the rest was history.

Legal Eagle
Jasmine - a lovely, lovely flower. How appropriate!
LE: You do know that it was you miscreants who sealed the deal and who remain some of our best friends still.
"Lovable but awkward" is the most accurate description of me I've run accross. Hey, Legal Eagle, will you make me a plaque with that description for my office?
b&c you wrote "I haven’t finished writing and posting the story of how I met and married Dr. Bean."

Does that mean you've started it somewhere and I missed it?
That's as sweet as honey. :)
awwww...that is really sweet
I recall bringing Mrs. Balabusta to a Toga Party at my friend's house in Woodmere when we were "dating" (or maybe engaged?) and they poured water on her head from a second floor balcony.

And yet, she still married me.

I bet she is regretting that one.
I had been to toga parties, they usually involved beer and a few sheets.

At this party they were drinking beer, pouring water and wearing ONLY sheets.

And these were his "friends"?

The real question is "Where are your friends now?"

Of course it could be worse. If you will recall, when I met the PT is was about 50 below zero, so now everytime his eyelashes freeze he thinks of me.
I get a real fuzzy feeling when my nose hairs freeze, too.
TK: Yes, I started the story here.

Everyone else: thanks.
Your story is so romantic and delightful! The bad haircut, the tuna sandwich, the physics -- I love it! I read a whole lot of novels like that when I was a girl but I never got to actually LIVE any of those novels. Now please write the rest of the story! How you got from there to here -- I need to know!
TK: OK, I will. It's not really an epic romance, but we're not divorced, which is saying alot these days.
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