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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Truly Modest Proposal
Apropos of Ralphie's previous post about Crash and the other lefty-preachy movies that were nominated for Academy Awards, Bean and I are excited that a (non-leftist) movie about September 11th is being made. We want to support the endeavor, whether we like the movie or not. We want to send a message that this kind of movie is what the populace is clamoring for. Therefore, we have purchased tickets for the opening weekend of "United 93." When I mentioned this to my mom (the inimitable Svenmom) she looked stunned. She too was not sure that she wanted to see the movie but was sure that she wanted to support the principle. Therefore, I also purchsed tickets for her and Lord Emsworth for opening weekend. I want to suggest that if you share our politics, 10 bucks a ticket is a small price to pay to make a point. So, all of you crazy-right-wingers, go online and buy tickets. Heck, by more tickets than you can use. I don't care if you see the movie, just inflate the opening weekend box office receipts. Let's let Hollywood know what we want to see. Let's put our money where our mouths are.
I'm not going to see the movie because it's sfira and I don't see movies during sfira. Also, Mrs. B has flat-out told me she doesn't want to see it.

However it looks extremely well made and I like the fact that it showcases American bravery instead of being a relentless march toward death.

I'm a little concerned about scenes that seem to compare the terrorists praying with the victims praying. I'm not too interested in humanizing the terrorists. They didn't need to pray. They just needed to not murder people.

But I do think that this country could use a little reminder of just "what the hell are we fighting for."
Is it permissible to buy tickets to a movie you don't see during sfira? If so, just buy some tickets, that's all I'm saying.
The brother of a friend of mine once asked his rabbi if it was okay to see movies during sfira (all individuals involved are of the black hat variety). The rabbi responded, "Is it okay to see movies at all?"

Hence I go to movies during sfira. In theory. Haven't made it to any yet. I really don't get out much.
That's why I stopped asking my rabbi questions like this.
U93 failed to break $12mil...

Oh, well, I'll probably just wait and catch it on a flight or something.
Depends how you calculate it. It made more per screen than any other movie this weekend. I highly doubt, however, that you would EVER see it on an airplane. Yikes, was it terrifying!
Ralphie: My previous comment seems to indicate that I did not understand that you were making a joke. I got it.
So... you saw it. More review, please.

Also, I thought it was 2nd-per-screen to Bring It, but I could be wrong. I do admit, however, that all the press I read on its opening numbers was positive.

And I should note that none other than Mrs. Ralphie came up with that one-liner.
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