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Friday, December 23, 2005
Oh Happy Day!
There seem to be a lot of tributes out there from bloggers to their wives. If I knew how to use html, I could even link to them. These tributes are touching and sweet and generally involve the male half of the sketch becoming instantly besotted with the love of his life and his final triumph in marrying the perfect object of his desire.

I want to write the tribute from the other perspective. You see, yesterday marked the 14 year anniversary of me turning in my Miss Chain identity card and plighting my troth to (then medical student) Bean, thereby becoming Mrs. Bean.
The story starts approximately 16 years ago when I was required to take a course in Developmental Biology. I took this class with many other students from the microbiology department,including George. George introduced me to his roommate and our fellow classmate Bean. Bean was majoring in engineering, but since he was planning on medical school, he also had to take a bunch of pre-med requirements. Bean looked every bit the engineering student; scrawny, ill-fitting and outdated clothes, bad haircut, everything but the actual pocket-protector. Since George and I studied together, it looked like I would be seeing a lot of Bean.

I roller skated over to George’s place one evening to study. I brought with me a tuna sandwich from Subway. Bean asked me (these were probably his first words to me), “why the tuna sandwich?” I said that since I kept kosher (yes, I know that Subway isn’t really kosher, but I was raised a Conservative Jew), it was the only choice. Bean told me “Oh, when I find out something is kosher I intentionally don’t eat it.” Not an auspicious first impression.

Being a science major, I was also required to take physics. Not the physics that the engineers took, thank G-d, but not the “physics for poets” either. I suspect it wouldn’t have matter which level physics I took. I would have failed them all. As it was, I was failing a required course. Suddenly, Bean took on key importance in my life. I had access to one of those nerds who are so good at tutoring. He was (and still is) one of those guys who don’t even need to read the textbook, once they know the main concepts, they understand it all. He agreed to tutor me. In retrospect, I don’t think he asked me to pay him, which should have been my first clue.

To be continued…
LOL!, the tuna sandwich remark is a classic!

Can't wait to read the rest...

Happy (belated) anniversary!
Happy Anniversary...er...Many Combolations...aww forget it...

Mrs. B. came out to NY the summer after we met and took a physics course at Queens College. Don't recall if she passed...
Irina: thanks.
PT: Physics is evil.
Physics rocks...it is my favorite of the sciences! So mathematical and beautiful, it is, esp. Kirckhoff's law.
Ah, Dr. Bean, you sure no how to make a winning first impression.
OK, Stacey, I'll bite: What is Kirckhoff's law?
I assume Stacey was referring to
Kirchhoff's laws [for Gustav R. Kirchhoff Kirchhoff, Gustav Robert (gs`täf rō`bĕrt kĭrkh`hôf), 1824–87, German physicist. ]They are a pair of laws stating general restrictions on the current and voltage in an electric circuit. The first of these states that at any given instant the sum of the voltages around any closed path, or loop, in the network is zero. The second states that at any junction of paths, or node, in a network the sum of the currents arriving at any instant is equal to the sum of the currents flowing away.

Duh! (i.e. you could have googled that, too) ;)
Q: It only gets worse
The rest of you: If I had wanted to discuss physics I would have married an engineering nerd and...oh, wait, never mind, carry on.
It's settled, then. Kirckhoff's law will be the official law of Kerckhoff's Coffeehouse.
Tuna sandwiches. Kerckhoff's law. Physics. So romantic. But I can top these all. I was a chemistry student, and had a slide rule and a pocket protector. These must have been irresistible to Lady Emsworth: we have been married 40 years.

B&C and Dr. Bean: I don't think I officially wished you happy anniversary. So ... "Happy Anniversary"
Kirckhoff's law will be the official law of Kerckhoff's Coffeehouse.

Woohoo! Good call!
I'm sure I'm going to owe someone an apology, but in my day at UCLA there was Physics and Physics for Girls.

Happy anniversary. Your husband is uxorious.
That is a great word. I just looked it up. I consider it high praise. Thanks!
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