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Friday, November 04, 2005
Oh Happy Day
The Diva is our eldest daughter. She is seven. She is beautiful. Not beautiful the way non-Jews are beautiful, no blonde ringlets or blue eyes, but beautiful the way Jewish mothers hope; straight, shiny brown hair, upturned nose and full lips. Maybe Bean and I were stunned to be the recipient of such splendor and charm. Perhaps we let her get away with too much. Oh, of course we did. Regardless of nature or nurture, The Diva has learned to get out of challenging tasks by feigning illness and batting her eyelashes. She is quite bright, but always does the minimum required and uses cuteness to take her the rest of the way. If she were an adult, she’d be a sociopath. Fortunately, there is still time to beat it out of her.

Last night, I got a call from The Diva’s teacher (TDT). I was trepidacious. Despite her attitude, The Diva had never been in trouble in school. In order to be charming, of course, one has to behave. TDT told me not to be upset if The Diva returned home saying “I hate TDT.” Or “TDT is mean to me!” TDT has decided that she has “to ride” The Diva to get quality work out of her. She recognizes herself in The Diva. She too, was cute and charming and used it to get by. She was shocked when she got a job and discovered that it didn’t work anymore. She just wanted me to know that she only had The Diva’s best interests at heart and wants her to use all of her talents. Bean and I are so happy. Finally someone who understands our daughter! I look forward to a terrific school year. What a great teacher!
so the "switcheroo" is positive...
Pearl:so far, so good.
Hmmm - I never thought of myself as a diva, but that's pretty much how I got through school... and, don't worry too much, because at least for me it still works. And the best part is, I'm only a borderline sociopath!

We divas can't help it that we're so cute.
She's smart, pretty, and thinks of herself first. I think she'll be either a Senator or spend a lot of time in jail. Or both. I pity her future husband with all my heart.
Hmm, The Diva sure sounds like someone I know... LOL! : ) What's wrong with charming your way through life?
Sweeet. Our daughter has some of the same "issues". We have a good teacher also. It's a godsend.
Handsome is as handsome does.

But pretty can do pretty much as she pleases.
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