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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Laundry Love
Wednesday night my washing machine broke. For many people this would be a frustrating and distressing event. I, however, rejoiced! You see, when we purchased our home 11 years ago, we also purchased the appliances. Eleven years ago, the appliances were old. I have been waiting for years for this washing machine to break. The refrigerator broke, the dryer broke, but this washer has been going and going like the Energizer bunny. I have suffered through many ads on T.V. that promise untold delights from modern washing machines: front loading, shorter wash times, 16 pairs of jeans in a load, stackable units that provide tons more floor space. Being too frugal to purchase a new washer when the old one was working, until Wednesday, I could only dream.

I immediately stopped what I was doing, ordered Consumer Reports Online and started research. Glory be! The machines I had been drooling over were highly recommended by CR. I ordered them right away. They arrived on Friday. On Sunday, I spent the entire day doing laundry. My oldest daughter even helped. Let me list the ways in which these machines are terrific.
I could literally go on and on. I have been telling everyone who will listen all day.

The washer and dryer come with a CD (English, Spanish and French) that gives an overview of how to use the machines. The family on the CD seems so content, so clean, so committed to laundry. They all hang out together and joke in their giant laundry room, everyone helping out, everyone smiling. I truly believe that these machines will not only clean our clothes but change our lives in beautiful, magical ways.
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I'm green with envy. I feel like filling up my van with laundry and driving over just to use those cool machines.

We had a similar experience when our oven "broke." Now we have a Shomer Shabbos oven.

Um, I'm thinking that perhpas you need to get out more. ;-)
Darling, I completly understand. I had to use a laundramat prior to this house and was thrilled to acquire an Asko front loading washer. The clothes were beautiful, the fibers fresh... but the damned thing was broken every six months! It has been replaced twice. My panties always look perfect, but I do have to be a bit careful not to put in too many towels. Sorry, you can see how desperate I have become.
I bought a speed queen washer when my daughter was born in 1989 and we have the same one now.

Need I say more?

The dryer, is also a speed queen, but is from 1991, also it has a new suspension.

I feel that the washer is living on borrowed time. I have been secretly drooling over the front loaders for some time, but I am nervous about that front part, and do the clothes get clean with no aggitator?

I want to know how you like/don't like in 2 months, possibly sooner.

I can fit 8 bath towels in my machine (which is good, cause that's all I own). How many does that hold?
Hi Mrs. Balabusta and welcome to our blog. To answer your questions, the front loader actually gets clothes cleaner than a traditional washer. Also, the clothes come out of the washer nearly dry, needing less drying time. I have yet to actually fill the washer. I am sure it can hold more than 8 towels. It says it can wash a king-size comforter. That's a whole lotta towels! So far I love it and the kids find watching it almost as entertaining as the television. The only thing I don't like is that as you unload it, some of the laundry invariably falls on the ground, but that always used to happen with the dryer anyway.
Those things look like the vacuum chamber that Khan put Kirk in.

Wickwire, that was for you.
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