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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Why my Mom has no friends
Yesterday, Dennis Prager was discussing the polling data from Jews in the last election. I would link to it, but Doctor Bean is not home and I can’t remember how to do the html thing (perhaps because I am busy remembering where Bean left his shoes). Anyway, the upshot is that for Jews who attend synagogue regularly (any denomination) the vote for Bush vs. Kerrey was split 50:50. Furthermore, young Jewish men voted 35% for Bush (a landslide by Jewish Republican reckoning). You can discuss these facts amongst yourselves. The most important message that I got however, I like to call “why my Mom has no friends.” Jewish women over 60 went for Kerrey 10 to 1 and my Mom is a staunch Republican. I still fondly remember the time, walking in Santa Monica, when my mom was visibly disgusted by Tom Hayden’s “council on economic democracy (read communism)” We never watched Jane Fonda movies and she railed against any form of utopian socialism, particularly rent control. She was “in the closet” most of her life and had an active social life. Lately, however, the acrimony and antagonism from the Left has become too much for her to bear. She is no longer attending social functions for organizations to which she belongs. Now, it seems, she will choose couples whom she and my Dad still like and invite them out individually. How sad.
Also all of her remaining friends seem to share her first name. Odd.
Your mom's ex friends are also very jealous that she's kept herself looking nice and that your parents have worked hard and invested wisely and became successful. A true friend would delight in her victories. They're just bitter.
Ralphie: so true ;)

Bean: so true, but even her skinny, attractive, rich friends are starting to grate.
Why not become friends with younger people?
I actually did not "out" myself. I believe it was the large BUSH FOR PRESIDENT sign that Ball and Chain insisted I put on my front lawn that did the "outing". The sign's presence actually limited those I could invite over for the month before the elections. Social situations are unbelievably uncomfortable when the presumption is that "you hate the president and believe he and his entire administration are evil". I have wimped out on numerous occasions - not going, not speaking, leaving early!
Irina - younger friends are great, but they usually come with younger kids - been there, done that!
Ball and Chain Mom aka Svenmom
B&C's Mom: Welcome to the glorious world of commenting! I hope to read more of your thoughts here.

Also, can we borrow some money?
Svenmom: let's face it, you're still doing the young kids thing with your granchilluns.
Woops, didn't mean to "out" you. Oh, who am I kidding, sure I did.
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