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Friday, December 24, 2004
Well, it's snowing again in the rest of the country. The parts that I like to call "places where it snows." As opposed to sunny Southern California. It seems to me, sitting here in the seventy-degree sunshine that the people in the "places where is snows" suffer from short-term memory loss. Every year it snows, and every year they seem surprised. Both last year and this year, this shock and surprise has resulted in new stories about the snow. This year, FoxNews is announcing that it is cold and icy and snowing in one of the "places where it snows." Why is this news? It snows every year! I can understand that the first settlers being stunned by the sudden appearance of cold, white stuff in the sky. However, they stayed. It seems to me that every year after that they should look at the sky and say "hey, there's that cold, white stuff again." On years where there was extra snow, perhaps "gee, there sure is a lot of that cold, white stuff this year." Now, thousands of years after these intrepid settlers, why is the snow news? By the way, I hold this same theory for hurricanes.
We're only surprised because we keep holding out hope that it won't snow. This is why I spent last winter in sunny Southern California.

-Someone living in a "place where it snows."

Welcome to our corner of the blogosphere, where the weather's always nice. Stay a while.
Josh - I do hope you caught my recent posts about ninjas.
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