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Monday, November 15, 2004
Um, no thanks
OK, so my family will go without dinner so I can post this. Being the wife of a doctor is difficult-the late-night phone calls, the missed parties, the sleep deprivation. However,the most annoying part of being a doctor's wife has to be the disgusting magazines that come to our home. Every one has a lurid picture of something disgusting on the front cover-warts, yellow eyes half swollen shut with pus, more pus, photos of anuses (or is that ani)? You get the picture. Each magazine promises to be our last if we don't renew our subscriptions. I have ceased getting my hopes up. It has been ten years. Ten long years filled with spots, oozing sores and did I mention pus? Now, the rest of you can join me in my quesiness. Adams Respiratory Therapeutics has unveiled............. Mr. Mucus. They expect him to join the ranks of Mr. Clean and Pop-n-Fresh. I say, if they have an extra 22 million I could put it to better use.

what, no "pic of the day"?
It took all of my computer skills to post a link. Lay off, will ya?
I think I saw Mr. Mucus last night! In my sink. But also on TV.
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