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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Arafat's dead
Well, that's over. The eulogy from AP is priceless. Some of the better lines....

He was to the end a man of many mysteries and paradoxes — terrorist,
statesman, autocrat and peacemaker.

Well, they finally used the word "terrorist." Why now? He was a "militant" just last week. statesman-well I guess if you count rambling speeches about forcing the Jews into the ocean. Autocrat-sure. Peacemaker? Are they kidding? Just because someone wins the Nobel Peace prize, doesn't mean they are a peacemaker, quite the contrary. There has been nothing but death and destruction since the signing of "peace accords" at the White House.

Arafat's failure to groom a successor complicated his passing, raising the danger of factional conflict among Palestinians

This is the thing that drives me crazy about the entire "peace process." Am I the only person who has noticed that during the entire "peace process," Arafat has been the head of the Palestinians. His career has spanned dozens of Israeli Prime Ministers and many American Presidents. Who "grooms successors?" Dictators, that's who! Why we accorded him any relevance is beyond me.
Revered by his own people, Arafat was reviled by others. He was accused of secretly fomenting attacks on Israelis while proclaiming brotherhood and claiming to have put terrorism aside. Many Israelis felt the paunchy 5-foot, 2-inch (1.57 meters) Palestinian's real goal remained the destruction of the Jewish state.

Secretly! That's a laugh.

I hope he burns in hell for all eternity.
Bravo B&C. Mrs. Nomad thought I was reading from a professional columnist. Well put.
Someone also made the comment today "Don't you ahve to have a State to be a statesman." I forgot about that.
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