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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Abortion thoughts
Dr. Bean and I were invited to a lovely evening at our synagogue. Dr. Bean, never one to hide his politics, started a spirited argument with a friend. This friend hates W. The reason for her hatred evolved into a discussion about abortion rights. Since returning home (with a splitting headache) some thoughts have occurred to me:
1-Women always ask how I would feel about bringing up girls (we have three) in a society that limits abortion. I realized that only in my darkest nightmares do my daughters accidentally get pregnant out of wedlock. I do not see abortion in their futures and even if one of them does become pregnant, I would probably suggest that she put the child up for adoption. Why on earth should she terminate the life of a child simply because she made a mistake?
2-There have been approximately 40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. Does anyone think that is just way too many? Will no-one on the left ever consider that those numbers are extremely high?
3-Many attitudes about both women and medicine have changed since the sixties. I do not believe that the US will ever outlaw abortion in all cases. I do not fear that if my married daughter is found to be carrying a very deformed fetus that she will be denied an abortion.
4-The same way that those on the left do not understand why any woman would vote Republican, I cannot understand how any mother can be in favor of abortion on demand. Any woman who has carried a child knows about the bond you have with the baby in utero and how the instant of birth does not suddenly turn a fetus into a baby.
Gotta go, time for "Law and Order"
Clarification: I am pro-choice in the first trimester. That means I would like government to have nothing to say about a woman (who is an adult) having an abortion for whatever reason in the first trimester. Having said that I can't stand the current pro-choice movement and would much rather have lunch with a pro-life activist than a pro-choice activist. ball-and-chain is to my right on this issue. She would at least want legislation insisting on lots of pro-adoption counseling before an abortion, and she may be leaning towards requiring some cause (i.e. mother's health, severe fetal deformity) for an abortion.
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