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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Maternity Ward
OK, Since nomad saw fit to tell us all about his favorite TV show, let me share mine.........Maternity Ward. What a little slice of life! Also, fabulous to watch someone else go through excruciating labor pains when you have no intention of ever being pregnant again. You can also learn a lot about the real world. I have, however, discovered that the real world just pisses me off. For example, few of the women profiled on the show have spouses. It seems that while I was busy having babies the rest of the world decided that husbands were optional. A case in point was the show last night. 19-year-old girl with nary a boyfriend in sight, just an aunt and mother to get her through labor. Despite the fact that she did not have a father for the baby, she did have a page-long birth plan that included only natural childbirth. I kid you not that she said that her birth-plan was an attempt to do what was best for her baby. Let me clue you in, a Dad is best for a baby, even if you give birth in the back seat of a cab! Like I said, it just pisses me off. At the end, one of the doctors said "she's going to be a great mother." Why? Because she refused pitocin? What chance does she have of actually being a good mother?
You know, on second thought, maybe this shouldn't be my favorite TV show. I'm gonna switch back to Home and Garden Television.
I love it, B&C. I'm looking forward to your review of "It Takes a Village".
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